France | Study Abroad
Crédit : © Tourisme Montréal, Mario Melillo

Does the idea of studying abroad intrigue you? Discover the programs of study open to you in Montreal, based on your area of focus: literature, economics and society, or science. Whichever your path, there is a place for you at UdeM!

First, remember that Quebec universities are very comfortable with competency equivalencies for the French baccalaureate’s L, ES and S paths. In general, Quebec’s path requirements for a particular field of study correspond to those in France, but there are a number exceptions…

With an S path, all programs of study are open to you, both in scientific fields and not! Whether you’re interested in cognitive neuroscience, microbiology and immunology, architecture, or even literature, industrial design, anthropology or psychology, you can take your pick from the 260 undergraduate-level programs at the Université de Montréal. With a focus in mathematics, you can also access programs such as physics, mathematics and computer science!

The Université de Montréal offers a range of health-specific programs, although several of these are reserved for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Luckily, the following programs are open to all: nursing science, kinesiology, nutrition, biopharmaceutical sciences, and biomedical sciences.

The complete list of open programs can vary from one session to another. Visit for more information about the admission periods.

The L path allows you to try your hand in fields such as criminology, demography, psychoeducation, industrial relations or even social work. A maths focus in the bac is however necessary for admission to most of these programs. You don’t have one? No worries! You can apply to law, art history, film studies, communications, political science or international relations

 As for those with an ES path, have no fear! Most of the programs cited in the paragraph above are also open to you, including economics, among others.