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Change program

Are you currently studying in a regular program and want to make a change for the next session? It’s easy! All you need to do is submit a new admission application!

Submit a new application

If you are currently studying in a UdeM program, you can make a program change for a future session. 

Requesting a program change is simple: start a new application and choose the program or programs that interest. Then, sign in to your account to continue with your application and pay the application fees (please note that fees are not refundable). 

A program change is only possible if you receive an offer of admission for the new program. You can track your request by going to the Admissions tab in your Student Centre (Centre étudiant).  

If you receive an offer of admission for the new program choice(s) you requested, you will need to complete the 5 steps to respond to the admission offer. At step 4, you may be asked to:

  • Confirm the program change so you don’t withdraw from your current study program   
  • Indicate if you wish to continue in your current program, while starting your studies in the new program 

Regardless of your decision, your new program will start for the session you have been admitted to.  

Otherwise, if your application is refused, you will continue in your current program. 

Modify a choice of program after submitting a request

If you have already applied for admission to a program and would like to modify your choice to another program in the same session, you must complete a new admission application.

Modify an application