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Obtain recognition of prior learning Put your experience to good use

Recognition of prior learning is a process where, following a review, your various prior professional and learning experiences may be officially recognized.

What is RPL?

The recognition of prior learning (RPL) process is based on identifying and validating learning experiences according to the program and course objectives and established criteria; the process is available for all levels of study.  


Did you know?

The process of recognizing prior learning is free at UdeM. 


This process provides applicants who only partially meet a university program’s eligibility conditions with the opportunity to be admitted to this program if they demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to meet the program requirements.

List of eligible study programs

A more extensive list of study programs will be available to all applicants based on availability in each of the university’s faculties. This list will be updated in the upcoming months.




Admission process

  1. SUPPORT AND INFORMATION : Before you begin, a support service is available to help optimize the overall quality of your application and to answer your questions. Please contact the Office of the Registrar.
  2. NOTICE OF ELIGIBILITY : Have some basic documents on hand (e.g., CV, letter from your employer, etc.) in case they are needed.
  3. OPENING A FILE : Once you have received an offer of conditional admission, you can start the recognition of prior learning process.
  4. DEMONSTRATION OF PRIOR LEARNING : You will be given an exercise to demonstrate your prior learning, with a certain amount of time to complete the task.
  5. ASSESSMENT OF PRIOR LEARNING : A Selection Committee will review your file to determine if your prior learning experience meets the study program requirements.
  6. DECISION : After submitting your application, you will be advised of the decision promptly.

Watch this video, which explains all the steps involved.

Need more info?

Contact the Office of the Registrar (page in French)


Have you already been admitted to a study program and consider that your professional experiences could exempt you from certain courses, thus accelerating your training? 
To do this, you will have to demonstrate that your acquired skills correspond satisfactorily to the course learning objectives. 

Contact the Office of the Registrar (page in French)