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Get active The ball is in your court!

Whether you're an elite athlete, a recreational sports enthusiast or a super fan, you can find what you’re looking for at an active campus where achieving your fitness goals becomes second nature.

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Get moving and exceed your goals

The Université de Montréal CEPSUM is one of the largest sports complexes in Quebec. Its modern sports facilities have everything you’re looking for. It is also home to a number of sports clubs and leagues, as well as the famous Carabins! 

How can you stay active during your studies?

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The CEPSUM is...

  • More than 184 m of running track 
  • More than 250 activities with something for everyone  
  • More than 900 m2 of workout area 
  • More than 1,200 m2 of Olympic-sized pool 
  • More than 1,586 m2 of indoor skating rink 
  • 2 outdoor stadiums (one for football and one for soccer!) 

Please note that video is in French.

Sports leagues and clubs

Looking to join a student team that wants to get active just like you? You can take part in your favourite activity during your studies through the Université de Montréal sports clubs. The hardest part? Choosing from all the options available! 

Track and field, rowing, badminton, baseball, basketball, cricket, cross-country, lacrosse, cycling, hockey, quidditch, cross-country skiing, soccer, spikeball, squash, tennis, triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, etc.

Find out more about our sports clubs

Find out more about our sports leagues

The Carabins: the force on the mountain

Have you heard the roar of the mountain? The legend is true... our legendary Carabins cause quite an uproar when they ignite the fervour and passions of the fans! Carabins is the name for all of UdeM’s elite sports teams. How can you recognize them? Their uniforms are blue, they’re in all the competitions, and they’re the best! Well, that’s according to the UdeM legend... 

Join us in supporting them, “Go Blues Go!”

The Carabins include close to 400 athletes in a dozen of sports: track and field, badminton, cheerleading, football, golf, hockey, swimming, rugby, downhill skiing, soccer, tennis and volleyball. 

Discover the Carabins

Quick campus tour with the Carabins

Follow 5 athletes who have energy to spare as they show you 5 essential places on the mountain campus. 

Please note that video is in French.