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Submit an application

Pursuing university studies involves submitting an admission application. Many people may find this important step to be stressful, especially if this is their first experience or contact with the university. This page makes sure you cover all the bases when applying.

Preparing your applications file

Be sure to follow these steps before accessing the application:

  1. Choose the right program
  2. Verify eligibility conditions
  3. Respect official deadlines
  4. Submit supporting documents
  5. Plan for interviews and tests

Starting your admission application

Once you have completed the previous steps, all you need to do now is to submit your application online! 

  1. Use the Programs and courses menu or the search bar to find and review the program description for the study program that matches your interests.
    • Select the appropriate session, and if necessary, the area of study or option for the program that matches your interests.

    • Click on Add to your application. You will see a small number displayed at the top of the page, indicating that the program has been added to the application.

    • Click on Apply now to display your program choice and the associated fees.

  2. Sign in, either by creating a visitor account (if this is your first UdM admission application) or by using your umontreal account.
  3. Complete the sections about your profile, your previous studies, and provide any other information required.
  4. Go to the payment section to pay any application fees (if required) and submit your application.
Did you know?

You can submit several applications for the same study session (up to a maximum of 10 program choices per session, for all study levels). Be sure to use the same account and choose the same session to avoid paying the base fee again per session.

Completing an application

Since your application is automatically saved, you can stop at any time and continue later by signing into your account. 

Is this your first time applying? Keep in mind that you will need to upload documents through the Student Centre (Centre étudiant) once you have submitted your application and paid your fees.

Having the required information on hand

To complete your application more quickly, be sure to have the following information on hand:

  • A valid, accurate and permanent email address is mandatory so we can communicate with you as soon as your application has been processed. This email account must be active and consulted throughout the processing of your file.
Undergraduate programs
  • If you studied in Quebec, please include all your college or university studies, whether completed or not: names of the schools attended, programs in which you studied, start and end dates (months and years), diplomas or degrees earned, actual or anticipated dates (month and year).  
  • If you studied outside Quebec, please include all your pre-university and university studies.  
  • You need to include independent studies or out-of-program studies, as well as any summer courses, dropped or failed courses. 
Graduate programs
  • Please indicate your university studies only: names of the schools attended, programs in which you studied, start and end dates (months and years), diplomas or degrees earned, actual or anticipated dates (month and year).
Independent studies
  • Please indicate your studies currently underway as well as your most recent diploma received.

Make sure you carefully read these instructions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • The online application is compatible with most Web browsers. We recommend using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari on Mac and avoid using Internet Explorer. You may also access the online application with your iOS and Android devices.
  • Your browser must also meet technical requirements, such as enabling JavaScript, cookies and pop-ups.

Need help?

Several options are available if you have any problems completing the application: