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Join our team of ambassadors

Become the face of UdeM and help the next cohorts achieve their dreams by supporting them throughout their pathway. 

who’ve done this!

Inclusive, empathetic, energetic and committed, the team of ambassadors support future UdeM cohorts in their university experience. 

Do you have what it takes to be an ambassador?

If you are known for your curiosity, people skills, your concern for others and your love for your alma mater, there is definitely a place for you with us!  

Join our team! Promote UdeM through various events and activities, be the spokesperson for the UdeM experience, and answer questions from the next generation of students, while further developing your skills for your own pathway.

You are UdeM!
The perfect student job

Throughout the year, the team of ambassadors take part in a range of exciting projects that showcase UdeM: 

  • Making sure information events run smoothly 
  • Creating social media content 
  • Being involved in photo sessions or shoots 
  • Writing inspiring articles for the blog 

Please note that video is in French. 

Our ambassadors tell you about their unique experience!

Helping people who want to study at UdeM and making a difference by providing support during the admission process!

Join the UdeM team of ambassadors

Your responsibilities

  • Answer questions from future students by phone, chat and email (customer service) as well as on social media 
  • Take part in events that promote study programs with secondary and collegial students 
  • Participate in virtual student fairs 
  • Lead Zoom meetings for recruitment events 
  • Help create promotional videos 

Your challenges

  • Provide support to the admissions and recruitment team in a range of activities throughout the year 
  • Develop engaging, creative and real content about Université de Montréal  
  • Help organize and hold university events 

How it works

  • Approximately 14 hours a week, during the day, Monday to Friday 
  • Work-study balance 
  • Attractive overall compensation, in accordance with the SÉSUM collective agreement (download PDF in French)

Have questions or would like to know more about the ambassadors before you apply? 

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Want to join the team?
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It’s easy to apply! Simply fill out our form and send us your CV. 

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Meet the team

Baccaulauréat en communication et politique
Nina Stricker
Baccalauréat en études internationales
Lucca Cidade
Baccalauréat en économie et politique
Salome Descamps
Baccalauréat par cumul en langues modernes
Níkolas Gómez
Doctorat en microbiologie et immunologie
Helena Ferreira Leal
Pratiques de la communication (communication et journalisme)
Maéna Gave
Doctorat en biologie moléculaire

Kelly Inacio
Maîtrise en études internationales
Caio Santiago de Souza
Baccalauréat en en études internationales
Charline Hutin
Baccalauréat en science politique
Ella Arlette Chô Mouayé Aie
Maîtrise en études anglaises

Yosr Ben Abdessalem
Maîtrise en affaires publiques et internationales
Violet Vigueras
Baccalauréat en droit

Thomas Rheaume
Doctorat en études anglaises

Rania Hattab
Baccalauréat en sciences biologiques
Morgane Mourouman
Maîtrise en littératures de langue française
Ligia Medina Fermino Carlos
Baccalauréat en économie et politique
Jihane Rezgui
Maîtrise en administration des services de santé
Jean Louis Mukendi Ntumba

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