Futur Students Events

Futur Students Events October 6th 2022 to January 20th 2023

Come, discover our campus, take part in information sessions moderated by UdeM counsellors, chat with ambassadors and members of the customer service team… and much more! 👇

Online activities (in french)

Get language support

Discover all of the available tools that will help you succeed in your graduate program. Whether you’re very comfortable with French or not familiar with the language at all, you can access a wide range of helpful tools.

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Hear from other students

Every year, Anglophone students learn about the benefits of studying at a French-language school and come to Université de Montréal. Hear their stories and find out how they are succeeding.

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Find Your Path - Career Quiz

Choose a program that is right for you !

This exploratory process will help you discover the domains of interest to you, understand the characteristics of professionals working in these fields and choose the programs that inspire you.

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