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90 credits

Program Type

Dissertation or thesis track


  • Full-time
  • Half-time
  • Offered at the Montréal campus
  • Offered at the MIL campus
  • Day course
  • With international exchange option


The Department of Geography will be moving to the new Science Complex in the fall of 2019. Discover your new surroundings in photos and video.

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The program promotes geography as an ideal science through which to study the environment, integrating approaches from both the social and the natural sciences. The program fosters the development of interdisciplinary approaches among students in both physical and human geography and helps them master geographical tools and methods.

Language accommodations

Although Université de Montréal is a French-language university, many of our research departments are open to creating a bilingual environment for students in graduate-level programs. These departments are aware of the importance of bilingualism in order for graduate students to succeed in their research careers.

Students who are proficient in English are therefore welcome and accepted into graduate-level programs. 


The PhD in Geography is seeks to develop independent researchers.

The goal is to give students the tools to formulate, carry out and defend a research program that contributes to knowledge in an advanced field of study in geography.


  • A world-class scientific environment and expertise guaranteeing high-quality education, given by renowned researchers who are valued members of major research networks. 
  • Opportunities to take part in or deliver papers at symposia in Quebec and elsewhere. 
  • A research infrastructure boasting numerous laboratories with advanced equipment (modelling, geomatics, remote sensing, aerobiology, pedology, palynology, fluvial hydrology, cryology). 
  • Access to geomatics software and services available through the computer lab, library and map library.

Members of the Graduate Studies Committee

  • Kathryn Furlong, responsable
  • Violaine Jolivet
  • James Stephen King

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