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Quebec student Leaving your mark

Upon admission, you will join a vast university community and contribute to its rich history, leaving your mark along with the approximately 400,000 UdeM graduates around the world.

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Infinite potential: infinite possibilities

There are many ways to pursue your studies that leverage your skills. For example, you may decide to pursue a specialized program, a joint degree program, or even combine short programs.

Understanding the types of programs

Find out about the different types of programs and their possible combinations so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

Understanding the types of programs

Exploring international mobility programs (page in French)

Maximizing your chances of being admitted to UdeM

To optimize your chances of being admitted to Université de Montréal, you can add several program choices to your admission application. Go to the Making an informed choice page to make sure you stay within the maximum number of possible choices when you submit an application.

Interested in graduate studies?

Graduate studies allow you to tap into your full potential. Acquire a specialization, deepen your knowledge, stay up-to-date in your area of expertise, or contribute to a developing body of knowledge—there are so many reasons to extend your university career.  

Innovation through research (page in French)

Consult the programs of study

Want to obtain recognition of prior learning or of previous studies?

Courses and credits

If you have completed a program of study at another university and would like to have it count toward a Université de Montréal bachelor's program, contact the department overseeing interdisciplinary education support and student success (Service d'appui à la formation interdisciplinaire et à la réussite étudiante).

If you think that a course taken at another university could be recognized in your program of study, you should direct your request to the contact person for student records at your faculty once you are admitted to the specific program.

Prior learning

Students in the Faculty of Continuing Education may be able to have their professional experience recognized to obtain a credit exemption and thereby accelerate their academic journey. To find out more about the procedure to follow, go to Have experiential experience recognized.

Stay connected

Join the community to ask questions, meet peers and be informed.