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Track your application in the Centre étudiant

After submitting an admission application, it’s normal for several weeks to go by before you receive a response. In the meantime, follow these steps to track the progress of your application.

Track your application

These 3 easy steps help you keep track of your application throughout the admissions process.

1. Access the Centre étudiant

You can track your admission application through the UdeM Centre étudiant (Student Centre). Within 24 hours after submitting your application, you will be able to see your various program choices in the Admissions tab. At this point, you will be able to complete the next steps. 

Check your inbox 

You will receive an email welcoming you to the Centre étudiant and specifying the email address to use to connect.

If you are told to use your @umontreal.ca email, log in to the Centre étudiant using your access code and your UNIP.

Forgot your login information? Use these self-serve tools to retrieve this information.  

Recover my access code

Obtain a new UNIP

2. See your To Do list

Select the Tasks tab in your Centre étudiant to upload the official documents required for your application to be reviewed or for your file to be completed. Unless otherwise indicated, you have 10 business days to complete each task. We recommend that you send the required documents as quickly as possible, since an incomplete application will be closed. 

Depending on your program choices, some tasks may involve interviews or tests.  

Check this section regularly, as new elements may be added while your application is reviewed. Consult the Sending your documents page for additional information. 


Want to know more about the required formats and the steps to follow for uploading your documents? Go to Submit supporting documents.

Go to the Admissions tab to check that your program choices are displayed. If you don’t see your program choices, this means that they have not yet been linked to your file. This process takes 72 hours after submitting an application. Once your program choices are displayed in this tab, you will see your To Do list.  

Don’t worry if you see your program choices in the Admissions tab but you don’t have any tasks. This means that your admission application has all the required information for it to be reviewed based on the documents previously provided or on the information in your Quebec’s Ministry of Higher Education file.

3. Follow up on decisions

After completing all your tasks, your application is ready for review. There will be a waiting period, which varies between 3 and 4 weeks, before you receive your decision letter.  

You can track the progress of your file in the Admissions tab in your Centre étudiant. You will receive a notification by email once a decision is made, but we still recommend that you check the Student Centre frequently so you don’t miss anything. Get ready to reply, because there may not be a lot of time to accept or decline an offer of admission.

At any time during the review of your application and up to admission in the program, tasks may be added on your To Do list. So it’s important to check your tasks regularly.