Track your application

It’s normal for several weeks to go by before you receive a response. During that time, track the progress of your application with our self-service tools, by following several steps.

1. Obtain your access code and password (UNIP)

Around 48 hours after the submission and online payment of your application, you will receive your access code and password (UNIP) by email, unless you already work or study at UdeM.

Once your inscription is accepted, the access code will also allow you to access the University’s various IT services (StudiUM, wifi network, computers, etc.). It is generally composed of five to eight characters, the first usually being a letter (ex: p00XXXX).

If you haven’t received your access code, or if you’ve forgotten it, use the self-service tools on the Registrar Office’s website to recover your access code or password.

2. Track your application in the Student Center

Head to the Student Center with your access code and password to track the progress of your application. The Student Center is in French. For help navigating it, consult our help document in English.

3. Consult the To Do section in the Student Center

The To Do section in the Student Center will indicate which documents you still need to submit and which steps remain incomplete.

Check this section regularly, as new elements may be added while your application is reviewed. We recommend that you send the required documents as quickly as possible, since an incomplete application will be closed. Consult the Sending your documents page for additional information.

4. Follow up on decisions

After completing all your tasks, your application is ready to be reviewed. There will be a waiting period before you receive your decision letter. You can track the progress of your file in the Admissions tile. Get ready to reply, because there may not be a lot of time to accept or decline an offer of admission.

Try compass, the interactive checklist

To know everything about what happens after you submit your application, use the interactive checklist, Compass, designed exclusively for the Université de Montréal.

Go to compass