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Plan your next steps

If you’ve been admitted, now’s the time to take the final steps before entering UdeM!

Still waiting for a response?

Candidates who have applied to UdeM will receive an email telling them that their admission letter has been made available in their Centre étudiant (Student Centre).

Accept your offer of admission

All students must accept their offer of admission if they wish to attend UdeM. In accepting your offer, you confirm that you do intend to study at UdeM and you thereby reserve a spot for yourself. 

The deadlines to accept the offer vary according to each student’s situation, read your admission letter closely to know yours!

For assistance in accepting an offer of admission, see the following FAQ section

Ask your questions

Do you have questions concerning your arrival at UdeM, your program of study, or the next steps to take? You can direct them to student ambassadors who have gone through the same steps as you and who know UdeM like the back of their hands! 

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Register for courses

Your registration process depends on your study program. If you are pursuing graduate studies, your TGDE (Student File Management Technician) will usually select your courses when the time is right. If you’re studying in a short program (DESS, microprogram) and you only have one active program, check the registration period in your Centre étudiant for each session and select your own courses online. For all other questions, we invite you to contact your TGDE. 

If this is your first admission to UdeM, when the time comes to register for courses, you will receive a first email with your access code and then a second email with your temporary password (UNIP), which you will be able to customize. This new access code will replace the visitor account you created to submit your application. Paired with your UNIP, it will allow you to access the Centre étudiant, as well as the various computer services of UdeM (StudiUM, wifi network, computers, etc.).

Participate in activities for newly admitted students

Don’t miss Rendez-vous des admis and all the activities organized by the faculties and departments. This special event for new students is a great place to get all the information you need about courses and student services, meet professors, and learn what to expect from university life.  

If your department hosts an event, you’ll receive an invitation by email.

Begin the immigration process

If you are an international student (that is, if you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident in Canada), you must begin the immigration process as soon as you receive your letter of admission (even if it is a conditional letter of admission). Keep the original documents that you uploaded for your application at hand. UdeM could request them at all time for monitoring purposes.

Each international student needs a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) and a study permit in order to enroll at the Université de Montréal. We recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible, as it can take several weeks to complete. Don't hesitate to send any question you may have about the process to UdeM International (Bureau des étudiants internationaux), which is there every step of the way to guide and assist you.

Note : To apply for a CAQ and a study permit, you must attach the 2 letters you received from the university in a single document: the offer of admission and the letter of acceptance. Find out more about preparing your documents.

Does your study program include a mandatory internship?

You must obtain a work permit for your internship. We strongly recommend that you apply for a work permit while applying for a study permit. This will allow you to obtain your work permit at the same time (upon before your arrival in Canada) and for the same duration as your study permit.

Visit UdeM international for more information on the immigration process (page in French)

Take a virtual tour of campuses

Teaching and research activities at Université de Montréal extend over 7 campuses on and off the Island of Montreal. Explore from one campus to another to discover gardens blooming with ephemeral plants, wooded paths, quiet spaces, and a green corridor designed for urban agriculture.

Visit UdeM campuses (page in French)

Enjoy back-to-school activities!

The Student Services office concocts a yearly welcome week full of activities! It’s the ideal time to explore your new campus, meet other students, and learn more about the cultural and social activities at UdeM.

Find out about Student Services (page in French)

Pay your tuition fees

You can access a detailed invoice in your Centre étudiant at the beginning of the session. A payment notice will be sent to your institutional address (firstname.lastname@umontreal.ca) when it’s ready.  

Find out more about paying tuition fees (page in French)