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Pay the application fees

In order for your application to be submitted and studied by one of our agents, it is essential that you pay the fees when you submit your application.

Fees associated with the admission application

The treatment of your application includes administrative fees. These fees are not refundable or transferable to subsequent sessions.

Types of fees Amount
Base fee per session $77.25
Fee per regular program (excludes independent studies, postdoctoral fellowship, training or research internship) $21.60
Fee to request an admission reconsideration $32.00

Did you know?

Pay the base fee only once, even if you submit several applications for the same study session! Only the fee per regular program will apply.

As such, be sure to use the same account and choose the same session to avoid paying the base fee again, which is non-refundable.

Methods of payment

Payment by Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Apply Pay or Google Pay  is required to submit your online application. American Express is not accepted. You can make the payment with a personal card or with a card belonging to a third party, for example a parent. 

If, exceptionally, you are not equipped to make the payment by card, contact our customer support.