At the graduate level, application files are evaluated by committees in the faculties and departments. There is no order of preference in your program selection. Every choice is an independent application. You will therefore receive a separate response for each of your choices.

Possible responses

Several weeks after submitting your application, you will receive a response. Hereunder, you will find additional information on the different possible responses.


Your candidature is accepted. Your file is complete and you satisfy the program’s eligibility requirements. Consult the You’ve been admitted page for more information.


Your candidature is retained and will be accepted if you successfully fulfill the conditions detailed in your letter prior to the start of the program.


The reason for the refusal is communicated in the letter.

If you do not agree with the decision concerning your application and have elements to present that may favour your admission, you should submit your request in writing to the head of the relevant program.

Try compass, the interactive checklist

To know everything about what happens after you submit your application, use the interactive checklist, Compass, designed exclusively for the Université de Montréal.

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