Modifying an application for admission

Once submitted, you can no longer modify an application through the application form. This page will show you how to make updates, when needed, to your initial application.

To correct information in the application

Some changes (e.g., correction to name, date of birth, or previous education) are free of charge if they do not affect study program choices. You can request these changes by using the Request for information.

To modify your choice of study programs

You can request a change if you would like to change your choice of study programs for the same session and cycle after you have submitted your application. To do so, fill out the Program Choice Change Request Form, available below acording to your academic level, and choose from the list of programs still open for your admission session.

What you can do:

  • Replace your program choices with programs still open for admission for the session in question (except undergraduate doctorates)

What you cannot do:

  • Submit more than one program choice change request form per admission session and per academic level
  • Add one or more program choices to your application for admission
  • Change a program choice for which you have received a letter of refusal
  • Modify one or more undergraduate doctoral programs after the application deadline for those study programs

Program Selection Change Request Form and List of open programs:

Not all applications are eligible. Applications are reviewed by the Service de l'admission et du recrutement. A fee will be charged if your application is processed, whether or not you are admitted.

To cancel an application in progress

To cancel your application for a program choice that is under review, i.e. for which you have not received a decision letter, go to your Centre étudiant. Then, in the Admissions tile, go to the Requêtes (Requests) section, in the left menu. You can then Déposer une requête (Submit a request) to Retirer un choix de programme (Withdraw a program choice) on your application for admission.

Repeat these steps to cancel your application for other program choices.

Change the start session

Undergraduate students cannot change the session in which they begin their program. If you do not begin your studies in the session in which you are scheduled to begin, you will have to complete a new application for admission in a later session. Official transcripts of all your studies must be sent to us with this new application. Your application will then be re-evaluated. You may receive a different decision than the first one.

At the graduate level, can request a deferral from the Études supérieures et postdoctorale (ESP). Some restrictions apply.

Try compass, the interactive checklist

To know everything about what happens after you submit your application, use the interactive checklist, Compass, designed exclusively for the Université de Montréal.

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