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Financing your studies at UdeM

How to fund your studies

Solid financial organization is an important factor in successful university studies. Luckily, there are several ways to get help through scholarships, financial aid or student employment. Most students rely on one or the other of these solutions, and you can find those that apply to your case in particular by consulting the following avenues.

If you would like to estimate your student budget, visit the Plan your budget page.

Plan your student budget


Obtaining scholarships is certainly a very good way to finance your studies! Nevertheless, it’s important to know that they are primarily for graduate-level students. It is also important to know that they are generally allocated to students with excellent academic records.

The Scholarship Directory (fr) is the ideal reference to learn about scholarships for which you may be eligible. There are over 5,000 sources of financing offered by Udem, businesses, foundations and a range of public and private organizations. You would be surprised by the number of possibilities open to you, particularly at the graduate level. Do not hesitate to refine your search criteria to obtain more specific results.

Looking for guidance in your scholarship search?

  • The Scholarship Office (fr) offers workshops, informational sessions and individual consultations to help you in your search for scholarships and in preparing your file.
  • Your research director may be an ally in the search for financing. Most professor-researchers are aware of the best scholarships in their field.
  • Certain Faculties or Departments offer possibilities for integrated financing. Check with your research director.
  • For international students, certain scholarships allow for a considerable reduction in tuition fees, namely the UdeM Exemption Scholarship. Several sources of financing may also be offered by your country of origin.
  • The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (ESP) provide over 8 million dollars per year in financial support to students.


Fraudsters can crack down and offer you false scholarships. Do not hesitate to contact the Scholarship Office (fr) of UdeM if you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a scholarship.

Financial Aid Office

The Student Services’ (SAÉ) Financial Aid Office (BAF) helps students obtain the necessary resources to succeed in their academic projects, whether they are enrolled full time or part time. These resources are numerous and varied:

  • Loan and grant programs from Quebec, from other Canadian provinces and from Canada
  • Emergency aid
  • Financial advances
  • Support grants
  • Consultation and budget planning services

CONSULT THE WEBSITE of the Financial Aid Office

Work-study programs

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s Work-Study Programs help certain student clients experiencing financial difficulties obtain part-time employment on campus. Indeed, thanks to these programs, the salary of the eligible student is either fully or partly subsidised.


Employment opportunities

Several employment positions on campus are offered to students. To consult the list of these available positions, visit Support Center for Student Success - Employment.

Employment opportunities are also offered to graduate student, such as teaching assistantships, research assistantships or lecturing positions. For more information, speak with your department contacts or professors.

International students can consult the International Student Office website for information regarding employment possibilities and the documents required for this purpose.