Tuition and fees

The cost of your tuition will depend on whether you are a Canadian student who is a resident of Quebec, a Canadian student who is not a resident of Quebec, or an international student. Note that you may have to pay other fees in addition to tuition.

To find out what fees specifically apply to you, check out the cost calculator on the Bureau du registraire website. You'll be able to find out everything about tuition, other fees, insurance and more.

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Living expenses

Below is a sample monthly budget that includes the primary living expenses for a student. You can adjust this budget based on your own needs.

FOOD $350
Total $1,300

Choosing a university: Beyond tuition

Tuition is just one factor you need to consider when deciding where to study. Cost of living, quality of life and the student scene are other factors that will greatly impact your university experience. Below are some indicators that show the costs and benefits of studying at UdeM compared to universities in other Canadian cities.

Average annual tuition of Canadian students (graduate programs)

Canadian Average $7,304
Newfoundland and Labrador $2,894
Prince Edward Island $5,092
Nova Scotia $9,787
New Brunswick $6,646
Quebec $3,353*
Ontario $9,671
Manitoba $5,248
Saskatchewan $4,346
Alberta $6,724
British Columbia $9,528

Source: Statistics Canada
*Non-Quebec Canadian students registered in a master's program have to pay a supplement. This fee does not apply to doctoral students. 

Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in major Canadian cities

Calgary $1,323
MontrÉal $903
Ottawa $1,517
Saskatoon $1,087
Toronto $1,635
Vancouver $1,792

Source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

The intangibles

What makes a great student city? A whole mixture of things: top universities, a vibrant student life, job opportunities and - of course - affordability. These factors and more make Montréal one of the top 10 student cities in the world! 

Source: QS Best Student Cities ranking 2019