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90 credits

Program Type

Dissertation or thesis track


  • Full-time
  • Offered at the Montréal campus
  • Day course
  • Offered jointly with Polytechnique Montréal


Language accommodations

Although Université de Montréal is a French-language university, students with little or no knowledge of French are welcome and accepted into graduate-level programs.

The department provides a number of accommodations to make you feel comfortable and help you fulfill the requirements of the program even if French is not your main language of study:

  • Classes are given in French, but questions can be answered in English.
  • Access to course notes in both French and English.
  • Possibility of taking an equivalent course at an English-language university in Montréal (first session only).
  • Choice of giving oral seminar presentations in either French or English.
  • Choice of writing exams in French or English.
  • Choice of taking the comprehensive exam in either French or English.
  • Choice of writing your doctoral thesis or dissertation in French or English.

Note that all course literature is in English and all laboratories are offered in a bilingual environment.

Above all, department staff are available to help and support you throughout your studies.


The goal of this program is to let students develop a high level of knowledge, intellectual discipline, scientific curiosity, and creativity in both cutting-edge professional activities and scientific research. The program helps students deepen their knowledge and push the boundaries of a specific topic, understand and evaluate scientific literature, and master rigorous reasoning and experimental methods. Research is mainly done in the fields of electrocardiology, biomedical imaging and instrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials, modelling and biomedical simulation.

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