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45 credits

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Directed study track


  • Full-time
  • Offered at the Montréal campus



Our LL.M. program is uniquely tailored to international students seeking an edge into the competitive field of international business law.


The Faculty of Law is one of the most prestigious in Canada. With over 130 years of legal expertise, it has made a significant contribution to the evolution of law.

Faithful to its reputation of excellence, the Faculty can count on professors committed to their students, highly involved in research, and whose publications have influenced legal doctrine in Quebec, Canada and internationally. In fact, year after year, the Faculty ranks among the best worldwide for the dynamism and quality of its research.

The Faculty has a strong bijural tradition based on the legal traditions of Quebec. Hence, the curriculum naturally combines civil and common law, providing proficiency in both Western legal traditions.

Business law is one of our strengths. Since 1997, the Centre for the Law of Business and International Trade (CDACI) has been furthering the Faculty’s expertise in the field. As part of its mandate, the CDACI prepares future generations to resolve the challenges facing the business world.

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