Prepare your application file

Now that you have identified and selected your program, you are ready to fill out the application form. To prepare properly, please read the information below attentively. For a given session, you may enter up to two graduate program selections on your application form. The two selections will be considered independently and you will receive a separate answer for each one.

For each program selection:

  1. Check admission requirements.
  2. Check official deadlines.
  3. Prepare the official documents to submit.
  4. Have the required information on hand to fill out your application form.

1. Check admission requirements

General admission requirements, program-specific admission requirements, additional documents to submit with your application, and additional requirements (some programs only) can be found on the description page of each program.

2. Check official deadlines

Be sure to verify the exact deadline on the description page of the program that interests you. This deadline takes priority over the date listed in the Official application deadlines section. The form provides access only to programs currently open for admission.

3. Prepare the official documents to submit

Most departments ask applicants to graduate studies to provide documents to support their applications.

Please note that you will have ten business days after you submit your application to send us your documents along with the identification sheet. It is therefore strongly recommended that you take steps to obtain them as quickly as possible. To find out which documents you have to send, consult the Official documents to submit section.

4. Have the required information on hand to fill out your application form

a) Prior studies or employment

  • Names of educational institutions and programs in which you have studied; degrees or diplomas, actual or anticipated dates of issue, grade-point averages and credits obtained. It is mandatory that you declare all of your prior university studies, whether or not you have completed the program. Any omission or false declaration will result in the rejection of your application.
  • Start and end dates (month and year) of current and prior studies, completed or not, including studies at UdeM.
  • Present employment if you are currently on the job market. Please have your employer's contact information on hand, if needed.
  • References (names and contact information of professors or employers) for each program selection. Their titles and full addresses are required.

b) Status

  • If you have immigrated to Canada, please indicate the document you were issued that attests to your status in Canada.
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis applicants are strongly encouraged to identify themselves as Aboriginal people in the "Statut au Canada" field when filling out their online application form. Why?
  • Foreign students must check "Temps plein" (Full time) as their student status in the application.
  • If you are registered at UdeM:

    • Use your identification code (login) and your UNIP to access the application form.
    • Enter the number or permanent code you have been assigned by Université de Montréal.
    • If you are connected to the Centre étudiant website, be sure to close your browsing session there before accessing the form.

c) Administrative fees

  • The processing of your application file incurs administrative fees. Application fees may be paid by Visa or MasterCard. You may also use a prepaid credit card. For more information, consult the Application fees section. Exceptionally, if you are unable to make a card payment, please contact the customer service of the Office of Admissions and Recruitment using the information request form.
  • If you also wish to file an application for an undergraduate program, you must fill out a second application form.

  • If you also wish to file an application for an undergraduate program, you must fill out a second application form.

d) Required browsers

  • The online application form works with most Web browsers. We recommend using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome on Mac or Windows, and Safari on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Please note that the online help and the summary of your application cannot be printed with Safari on Mac. The form is not supported on Android devices.
  • Your browser settings must also have JavaScript, cookies, and popups enabled. Consult the General Help page to make sure your browser is compatible before continuing.

e) Valid, accurate and permanent email address

  • It is mandatory that you provide us with a valid, accurate and permanent email address, as this will allow us to contact you as soon as your application is processed. This email account must remain active throughout your studies and you must consult it regularly.
  • We will email you a personal identification number (UNIP) and an identification code (login) to be used to track your application online in the Centre étudiant.
  • Notices of admission are sent by email and posted in the Centre étudiant only. Notices are not sent by regular mail.

Tips and advice

  • If you experience any problems filling out the application form, click the Help button that appears at the bottom of every page to access the online help relevant to that section of the form.
  • You may interrupt the process at any time, save the application, and continue filling it out later.

Guide to fill out the French application form

A guide in English is provided to help you fill out the application form, which is available only in French. It provides official English translations of the words, instructions and messages appearing in the form. We recommend that you keep this guide handy as you complete the form. Before you start filling out the form, make sure to download this document.

Before beginning, please consider using Google Chrome to benefit from its page translation feature. This feature will allow you to fill out the form as if it were in English. Although the translation will be computer generated, using this method might simplify the process.

Fill out the online application form