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24 credits


1 year


  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Offered at the Montréal campus
  • Day course
  • Evening course
  • Some courses are offered at the Laval campus


Studying at the Université de Montréal means joining the ranks of an internationally renowned university. UdeM is the leading research and teaching centre in Québec and one of the Top Five Universities in Canada in terms of excellence and employability.

The Program: The Preparatory Year is a basic general education program for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue undergraduate studies. In the Québec university system, this Preparatory Year is equivalent to the Freshman Program or Freshman Year at North American universities.

This program is 24 credits and features 3 areas of study:

  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Arts and Literature
  • Science

After the first year, the candidate will choose a program within a discipline, depending on the applicable admissions requirements. UdeM offers students one of the best choices of university programs in Canada, with over 250 undergraduate programs in a wide array of disciplines: health, law, social sciences, literature and languages, planning, music and so much more.

Plan your studies:

  • To help you choose the right Preparatory Year courses, consult the Study Planner. This tool provides an overview of the prerequisites needed for admissibility to the program you would like to apply for after your Preparatory Year.
  • Consult the Preparatory Year Courses and the Standard Preparatory Year Pathway.
  • The Find Your Path Career Quiz is a great tool to explore your areas of interest and to identify the university programs related to them.

New path: 4-year Bachelor’s degrees at UdeM

With a  4-year UdeM bachelor's degree, candidates can dive into their field of study in the first year. This new four-year, full-time path consists of one year of preparatory and disciplinary courses followed by three years in the chosen discipline.

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers over thirty study programs in the 4-year path.

Supporting your success: a team of advisors from the Service d'appui à la formation interdisciplinaire et à la réussite étudiante (SAFIRE) is available to guide students on their academic path and to help them succeed in their studies at both the Montréal and Laval campuses.


The main goal of the Preparatory Year is to prepare students for admissibility, under certain conditions, to most undergraduate university programs. Depending on the specific discipline of the university program, the candidate will choose one of three options: Science, Humanities and Social Sciences or Arts and Letters.

The Preparatory Year is a good opportunity for students to adapt to a high-calibre university environment, to explore different disciplines before choosing a specialization and to enhance their general knowledge. In addition, a bonus (+0.5) is applied to the admissions performance rating (CRA) of candidates who have completed at least 12 credits at the Université de Montréal at the time they apply for admissions.

*Note that the Preparatory Year is not a pathway to undergraduate degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and optometry, or to a Bachelor of Laws degree.

It is designed for two categories of candidates, specifically:

  • Holders of a high school diploma earned outside Québec;
  • Holders of a high school diploma earned in Québec who have taken a break from their studies of at least 4 years.

This program is 24 credits and offers 3 areas of study:

  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Arts and Literature
  • Science

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