Discover the 4-year Bachelor’s Programs at the Université de Montréal

Did you complete your pre-university studies outside Quebec, but would like to do a bachelor's degree at the Université de Montréal? A 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree could be right for you!

This new path is intended for candidates who have earned a high school diploma outside Quebec. It allows students to delve into their field of study by completing specific courses as well as preparatory courses in their chosen discipline in their first year.

Over thirty disciplines are offered in the 4-year path in the fields of science, letters and humanities.

Baccalauréats cheminement 4 ans

List of programs

To apply for admission to a 4-year UdeM bachelor's degree, see the list of programs below and submit your application directly to the discipline of your choice.


A 4-year bachelor’s degree allows you to:

  • Apply directly to the discipline of your choice for 4 years of university study
  • Delve into your field of study in the first year
  • Meet immigration requirements for the entire 4-year study period
  • Benefit from the UdeM exemption scholarship program scholarship program if you meet the requirements

The Path

4-year UdeM bachelor's degrees consist of one year of preparatory courses and three years in a 4-year program offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This path requires just one single admissions application.

Applicants who would like to to take a program that is not offered on the 4-year path must apply to the preparatory program, as well as to their desired program. In fact, quota programs, those for which the University receives more admissions applications than there are places, are not offered on the 4-year path.

The first year of a 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree includes 24 preparatory course credits. Depending on the level of French proficiency, between 0 and 6 credits of French courses must be successfully completed, as well as the preparatory and disciplinary courses, during the first year, with some exceptions.

Structure of the first year

See the structure for the first year of a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Fundamental and Applied Sciences, in Humanities and Social Sciences and in Arts and Letters to learn about the compulsory and optional courses for the chosen discipline.

Admissability conditions

To be admissable as a regular student, and subject to the quality of the file, the candidate must have:

• A 12-year high school diploma from a Canadian province other than Quebec

• A pre-university diploma earned outside Canada that is not equivalent to a diplôme d'études collégiales (DEC) du Québec (see the table of Formations hors Québec/Education outside Quebec)

and be able to prove it.

The candidate may be invited to take an admissions test (s).

French language conditions

To be admissable, all candidates must provide proof of French proficiency at the level required for this study program. To this end, he/she must have attained at least 605/990 on the TFI or level B2 oral and written comprehension on the TEF, TCF, DELF or DALF (see the detailed list of tests and diplomas accepted)in the 18 months prior to the start of the applied-for study session.

Ready to apply?

The admission steps for a 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree:

  1. Explore the thirty or so bachelor's degrees offered on the 4-year path.
  2. Apply to the discipline of your choice and submit an Attestation of Results from a French as a Foreign Language test.
  3. Wait for the admissions department to review your file and recommend a regular or a 4-year path.
  4. Go to the information session of your 4-year UdeM bachelor’s program.


4-year Bachelor’s program: FAQs

Why does my admissions letter mention a different program than indicated in my application?

Over thirty disciplines from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are offered as part of a 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree. They are grouped under three programs: Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Arts and Letters. The admission letter mentions one of these programs and specifies the orientation chosen.

Are 4-year udem bachelor’s degrees available for all programs at the Université de Montréal?

No, 4-year UdeM bachelor's degrees can be completed in over 30 programs exclusively from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Do I need to reapply for admissions after the first year of a 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree?

No, admission to the program in the chosen discipline is automatic upon the successful completion of the first-year preparatory and French classes, if required.

I’m interested in a 4-year udem bachelor’s degree. Do I apply for a 4-year bachelor’s degree or do I apply directly to the discipline of my choice?

If you are an international student or you were educated outside Quebec and you are interested in a 4-year UdeM bachelor’s degree, you must apply directly to the discipline of your choice. After your file is reviewed, you will be admitted, if necessary, to the 4-year path.

Why does the duration of studies vary from the school system where the studies were taken?

Graduates of Québec’s CEGEP pre-university programs complete 13 years of study before entering university. Secondary schools systems in Canada outside Quebec and in some countries have 12 years of schooling. Depending on the province or country where the secondary education was pursued, a university year may be required to make up the difference and to give the student every opportunity to succeed in his/her her study program.

What degree will I receive from the 4-year UdeM Bachelor’s program?

The degree earned at the end of a 4-year UdeM Bachelor’s is the same as the regular Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the same discipline.