Application fees

The processing of your application file incurs administrative fees. Please note that the fees are not refundable and that applications may not be cancelled. To avoid the automatic closure of your application, it is essential that you pay these fees upon submission.

Graduate program (2 program selections) $94.00
Microprogram $20.85
Application because of a change of program $26.10

Note: If you are applying to an undergraduate program as well, you must fill out a second application, which will also incur fees.

Payment method

You must pay by Visa or MasterCard to submit the application online. You may make the payment with your own card or one belonging to another person (one of your parents, for example).

Exceptionally, if you are unable to make a card payment, please contact the customer service of the Office of Admissions and Recruitment using the Demande d'information (Information Request form). Your questions will be answered within 24 to 72 hours during business days.