UdeM: a research engine

With research revenue exceeding half a billion dollars, UdeM is ranked first among all Canadian universities in terms of research activity and has been number one in Quebec since 2005.

UdeM: a few figures

  • 2,300 internationally renowned professors and researchers, among the most brilliant minds of their generation
  • 465 research units
  • 550 projects financed by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Government of Quebec


Resources at your fingertips

As a researcher, you will have the opportunity to take part in research activities either at the university or in collaboration with national and international teams. You will also have access to cutting-edge equipment, whether you are on campus or at a research centre. Finally, a team with great experience in intellectual property can help you valorize your discoveries.

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A stimulating and dynamic research environment


Masterclasses are an annual event focused on high-impact areas. Designed for a professional and technical audience, they allow you to present several innovative elements of your research. Watch Tech Journey, master classes offered in 2021 under the theme of the technology revolution.

A large community of researchers

To find out about the research expertise in the program of study that interests you, consult the Research tab of the program description sheet that interests you. For an overview of everything that is done in research at UdeM, consult the research site.

The research supervisor: a partner in your success

Your research supervisor will play a major role throughout your graduate studies. It is therefore important that you choose someone you have an affinity with and who will be able to support you at every stage of your program.

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A vast library network

With over 3 million books and digital documents, the Université de Montréal library network will provide you with all the research resources you need.

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Papyrus: free access to the UdeM publications directory

To consult dissertations and theses written at UdeM in recent years, as well as publications and other intellectual works by our researchers and students, visit Papyrus.

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Research news at UdeM

Every week, the UdeM Nouvelles team will update you on recent discoveries and study results from our researchers.

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