Overview and specifics






90 credits

Program Type

Dissertation or thesis track


  • Full-time
  • Offered at the Montréal campus
  • Day course


The program provides students with opportunities to study in a wide variety of fields in physical activity and exercise sciences.

Language accommodations

Although Université de Montréal is a French-language university, many of our research departments are open to creating a bilingual environment for students in graduate-level programs. These departments are aware of the importance of bilingualism in order for graduate students to succeed in their research careers.

Students who are proficient in English are therefore welcome and accepted into graduate-level programs.

The Department of Kinesiology provides a number of accommodations to make you feel comfortable and help you fulfill the requirements of the program even if French is not your main language of study:

  • Possibility of taking an equivalent course at an English-language university in Montréal.
  • Choice of giving oral seminar presentations in French or English.
  • Choice of writing exams in French or English.
  • Choice of taking the comprehensive exam in French or English.
  • Choice of writing your doctoral thesis or dissertation in French or English.

Above all, staff in the program are available to help and support you throughout your studies.


The program is designed to train researchers to become proficient in research methods and gain knowledge of the teaching staff’s areas of interest: motor learning, biomechanics, assessment, physiology, psychology and sociology.

The general goal of the program is to train independent researchers. Students will conduct an original research program. They will learn to develop original research hypotheses, use sound research methods to test them, rigorously interpret their findings and report these findings using different media, including peer-reviewed journals. At the end of the program and their subsequent postdoctoral training, students should be able to compete for research grants in their field of expertise.


  • Research laboratories equipped with state-of-the art technology

  • The possibility of performing your research on campus at the Department of Kinesiology or at an affiliated research centre such as:

Members of the Graduate Studies Committee

  • Raynald Bergeron
  • Suzanne Laberge
  • Julie Lavoie
  • Marie-Ève Mathieu
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