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Master of Laws in Comparative Common Law (LL.M.)
Program structure

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Graduate 2-328-1-2

Course listing

Official title
Type Maîtrise en droit (LL. M.)
Number 2-328-1-2

Version 01 (H19)

The Master’s degree involves 45 credits.

The Dean approves the curriculum prepared by the student and oversees the completing of it. Each year, the Faculty Council determines, under the program accredited by the Curriculum Committee, which graduate courses are offered and whether they are mandatory or options.

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Segment 70

Master’s credits are divided as follows: 39 mandatory credits, 9 of which are allocated to directed study and 6 of which are option credits.

Block 70A - Methodology

Mandatory - 9 credits
DRT 6466

Legal research and drafting seminar

3 Credits
DRT 6562

Epistemology and methodology of the common law

3 Credits
DRT 6563

Civil and common law systems

1 Credits
DRT 6565

Foundations of the common law

2 Credits

Block 70B - Basic elements

Mandatory - 21 credits
DRT 6585

Comparative constitutional law

3 Credits

Block 70C – Common law specialization

Optional – Minimum 3 credits - Maximum 6 credits
Many optional courses as IP, comparative administrative law, commercial law, international contracts and criminal law.

Block 70F – Research paper

Mandatory - 9 credits