To be admissible to this French program you must:

1. Have sufficient knowledge of French

This intensive French program is exclusively developed for university students whose knowledge of French meets level 6 of the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français des personnes immigrantes adultes or level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

To be eligible, all candidates must provide proof of level BI French proficiency and upload it to the registration platform of the French Intensive program. 

To this end, they must have attained one of the following:

  • between 345 and 600 out of 990 on the TFI or level B1 in listening and reading comprehension on one of the following tests in the 18 months prior to enrolment in the study program.
  • Have achieved B1 on the "Accès au programme de francisation" online test given by the Université de Montréal. This test is only recognized by the French program and does not make you eligible for admission to the Université de Montréal. If you attain level B1 on this test, you’ll be admissible to the program. For more information, please contact

Important : Do not upload proof of your B1 French equivalency with your admissions application.

2. Submit an application to a study program at the Université de Montréal

Please note that you don’t have to apply for admission at the Université de Montréal to take the Unversity French Intensive Program. However, we strongly advise that you register for this program in order to apply for admission to UdeM since the B2 certification earned at the end of the program is only recognized by for our institution.

Once your enrolment in the French Intensive Program is confirmed, you can apply for admission to a study program at UdeM with a B2 requirement in French.

  • You have applied for admission 

If you have applied for admission to a study program, it’s very important that you do not upload insufficient proof of French to the Student Centre. Please note that The Université de Montréal accepts only one French score per application. If you upload proof of B1 equivalency, it will generate an automatic refusal.

If your study program has been refused due to insufficiently uploaded evidence, please contact In the event that you need to reapply because of a refusal, we guarantee that the second application will be free of charge.

  • You haven’t submitted an application yet

If you haven’t applied for admission yet, you may do so as soon as you register for the French Intensive Program and up to 24 months before the beginning of your desired study session.

To apply for admission, please follow the steps explained on the admission website. Please ensure that the study program you have chosen has a minimum requirement of B2 or 605 on the TFI of the French language.

When you are registered in the French Intensive Program, you do not need to provide proof of French. Please leave this blank in your Student Centre and send us your student identification number at  so we can validate your application. It’s very important that you do not upload insufficient proof of French to the Student Centre.

University of Montreal's language requirements

Knowledge of oral and written French is a prerequisite to engaging in university studies in French. To be admissible to an undergraduate or graduate program, the candidate must prove that their knowledge of French meets the requirements of their desired study program.

Undergraduate studies

To be admissible to an undergraduate study program (Bachelor's degree, certificate), the candidate must provide an attestation of results from a test or diploma accepted by the Université de Montréal or pass the Intensive University French Program. The level of knowledge of French required may be higher than B2 depending on the program chosen. For this information, see the description page for the program of your interest under "Admission and Requirements".

Graduate studies

At the graduate level (Master's, doctorate), most programs do not require official certification of French language proficiency. However, students are constantly invited to exchange ideas and actively participate during their courses. This program is intended as an additional tool to help them ease into their new environment.