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[Video] It would be wrong to assume that only francophones or French speaking students attend UdeM. Each year, more and more English-speaking students proudly fill up the classes of this top five Canadian university. Thanks to them, UdeM can boast about being as multicultural and bilingual as Montreal. In the following video, discover the advice given by some of our English-speaking students who have smoothly crossed the linguistic barrier.

4 tips for English-speaking students

1. Ask professors/teachers for help!

Professors are very accessible at UdeM. If you need help or you find yourself not understanding something, ask for help!

2. Don't be shy!

Montreal is a bilingual city; chances are that the guy or girl sitting next to you speaks both English and French. Your classmates could be quite helpful if you need help understanding a specific word, sentence or anything else.

3. Get involved!

There are plenty of extracurricular activities to do at UdeM. Join a sport, a club, or become a member of your student association. Having fun and sharing experiences with French-speaking students is the best way to learn and practice the French language.

4. Discover the existing services for anglophone students

The Carrefour SAÉ provides many services for English-speaking students and they are worth trying. These services include workshops, tutoring, and access to other very helpful tools. The best part is that most of them are free!