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Discover the different tools that are available to help you make the best possible decisions and facilitate your arrival at UdeM.

UdeM essentials


Test your compatibility with our study programs.

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The UdeM Explorer account

By creating your account, not only will you be the first to learn about all the activities organized by UdeM’s Admissions and Recruitment Services throughout the year, but you will also benefit from a closer follow-up during your admissions process..

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The Find Your Path quiz

The Find Your Path quiz is an online exploration tool that helps you determine which programs of study correspond to your fields of interest, your personality traits and your professional aspirations.

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Practical information

Scholarships and financial aid

Learn more about the possibilities of obtaining a scholarship or financial aid, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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The tuition fees calculator

For a better idea of exactly how much your tuition fees will be and to plan your budget.

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Explore programs of study

Our website was designed to encourage visitors to explore the wide range of programs of study offered at UdeM. You can do your research based on your selection criteria and save programs that are of interest to you.

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The Office of Admissions and Recruitment publishes a range of documents every year, including the UdeM brochure. To consult them online, head over here!

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Finding a research director

Do you need help or advice in finding your research director? Here is a page that may be of interest to you!

Finding a research director