Track your application online


Access the Centre étudiant to view your online student record and track your application by clicking the button above! Make sure you have your identification code (login) and password (UNIP) to log in.

The Centre étudiant is in French. For help navigating it, consult our help document in English.

Identification code and password (UNIP)

If this is your first application and you have never studied or worked at UdeM, you will receive these codes via email within about 48 hours of submitting your application and paying the relevant fees online.

If you have a login and password but have lost them, you can obtain a new login by contacting the Office of Admissions and Recruitment with our online form.

List of official documents to submit – Centre étudiant

To find out which documents are required to process your application, go to the "À faire" section of your file in the Centre étudiant. Please note that this list will be updated only once your application has been processed. If you have already submitted the documents listed there and they continue to appear in your file, simply disregard the list.

You're waiting for a decision

Official documents

The official documents requested are essential to evaluate your application. Be sure to send them quickly. Consult the Official documents to submit for graduate programs section for more information on the subject.

Evaluating applications

At the graduate level, application files are evaluated by committees in the faculties and departments. There is no order of preference in your program selection. Every choice is an independent application. You will therefore receive a separate response for each of your choices.

Modifying your application

If you have already submitted your application and wish to make modifications, go to the Modifying the application page.

You've been admitted

Congratulations and welcome to UdeM!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you as one of our students.

Join us

What do I do now?

Accepting your application in the Centre étudiant

You need to accept your offer of admission in the Centre étudiant, using your identification code and UNIP (password).

You must respond to our offer before the deadline specified in the Centre étudiant.

Registering for courses

Candidates admitted to a graduate program can choose their courses by contacting the Admissions Student Records Technician responsible for the desired master's or PhD course, who will carry out the registration. 

Please note the course start date (faculty calendars and university calendars) and the terms of tuition payment and billing.

Note: For some programs, course registration is not required.

Preparing for life at UdeM

Carrefour SAÉ: The guide for new students

Université de Montréal's SAÉ (Student services) provides a unique support service exclusively for new students. Carrefour SAÉ will be your guide through university life from the moment you are admitted. Don't wait for classes to begin before paying us a visit!

New non-Francophone student?

Specific support designed to help non-Francophone students transition and integrate into UdeM. Visit the website for more information and to consult the schedule of orientation and welcome sessions.

New international student?

From helping you with the paperwork to providing support as you embark on your new life at UdeM, the BEI (Foreign students office) makes it easier for you to find your place in the academic community and adapt to Quebecois culture. You will soon receive an email from the BEI outlining the steps you need to follow. Until then, visit our website for more information about our services, welcome workshops, and integration visits and activities.