Discover the real university experience!

All students will be housed on campus in a university residence (single occupancy studio). Boys and girls sleep in different buildings. Each floor features washrooms equipped with showers and toilets that are cleaned every day. Each residence also features several beautifully-designed relaxation areas that are gathering spaces, like “coffee shops”.

Lodging and security  

Bilingual staff will be with the students 24/7 and accompany them at all times during activities and excursions. Each residence has its own security guard who regularly conducts surveillance rounds. In the event of an emergency, participants can alert their instructor or security personnel.

Participants must adhere to the established curfew and code of conduct that will be explained during the welcoming session.

Amenities included in each studio:

  • Single bed (39 in. x 72 in.) — bedding included
  • Washroom with sink
  • Office fan
  • Refrigerator (± 4,5 pi²).
  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Work table for computer and chair
  • Bulletin board
  • Wi-Fi in common areas
  • Laundry service offered twice during stay


Enjoy the local cuisine!

The majority of meals are included in the price of stay and are provided either by the University de Montréal’s Food Services or catering services. Some meals on outings and trips will have to be paid for by the participant.These will be indicated in the student schedule. In case of food allergies or intolerances, personalized options can be proposed. A vegetarian menu can also be requested.

Breakfast served every morning

Every morning, breakfast is served in the university residences before students leave for their first activities. 

Lunch served on weekdays

Every afternoon, students will gather in one of the campus cafeterias to enjoy a nutritious meal made with fresh, tasty ingredients prepared by the University of Montreal’s Food Services. The meals are cooked on site and made to accommodate a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Evening and weekend meals

During the evenings and weekends, participants will have the opportunity to experience the culinary capital of North America. The team has carefully selected restaurants where students can enjoy meals as they travel around the city. On a few occasions, students can also choose where they would like to eat. There will also be a few meals served outdoors, on campus, so participants can enjoy Montreal’s beautiful summertime weather.