What are the dates and cost of the programme?

Please consult cost and dates for complete details.

How do I register?

There are two parts to the registration. First, you must fill out the application form for admission. Once we receive your request, we’ll evaluate your application.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive a letter of acceptance or refusal. If your application is accepted, we will advise you of next steps. For more information, consult the registration section on our website.

Why is it necessary to submit a transcript to be eligible for Summer Immersion Program?

When we review the file, we evaluate your academic results. However, we want to use more than one criterion to make our selection, which is why we want to know about the strengths of each applicant: if your transcript contains your teachers' evaluation—as is the case in some school systems—we want to know about it. In the “Letter of motivation” section of the form, please let us know about your reasons for registering to Summer Immersion Program.

Are there a limited number of places in the program?

Yes. That’s why we encourage you to send in your admission form as early as possible in order to reserve your spot.

Do I need to sign up for medical insurance?

No. Registration fees include medical coverage. The student is automatically covered upon enrolment in our Summer Immersion Program. The details of this coverage will be provided once you register.

What happens when particpants arrive at the airport in Montreal?

A few weeks before departure, you will send your transportation details to the organizing team. Upon arrival at the airport in Montreal, a team of Summer Immersion Program-identified facilitators will welcome participants. A shuttle service will be offered between the airport and the campus. A Facebook group for parents will be set up to document the participants' stay. This is where you will be notified of their arrival and, through regular updates, live the immersion experience with them.

How do I track my child’s schedule?

A few weeks before the program begins, a private Facebook group will be set up to communicate the last logistical details before departure. This group will also offer family members daily news about their children’s activities including: photos, their daily schedule, and anecdotes from participants. We ensure ongoing monitoring to answer all your questions.