Pursue graduate studies

Graduate studies allow you to tap into your full potential. Acquire a specialization, deepen your knowledge, stay up-to-date in your area of expertise, or contribute to a developing body of knowledge—there are so many reasons to extend your university career.

Graduate programs

In the graduate programs, some students opt to deepen their knowledge, while others choose to delve into related or complementary disciplines. Explore the options available through our master's and doctoral programs, our specialized graduate diplomas (DESS), and our graduate certificates.

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Undergraduate programs

We have a wide variety of bachelor, major and minor programs at the undergraduate level, along with certificate programs. All undergraduate programs are given in French.

If you want to enroll an undergraduate program, you will need to take UdeM’s French Admission Test:

You can also browse our online Admissions Guide in English, which contains information on all undergraduate and graduate programs:

Look through the French content of our website to find out more about our undergraduate programs: