A university city par excellence!

Montréal is one of the best student cities in the world according to the prestigious QS 2019 Best Student Cities rankings. Ranked sixth best student city in the world and first in North America, Montreal has a lot to offer.

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A city of a thousand languages

Neither fully American nor European, Montréal is a city of contrasts with a personality like no other. Its melting pot of cultures and languages is what gives Montréal its particular cachet.


An affordable city

Housing is very affordable here compared to other North American cities. In fact, apartments in Montréal are approximately 30% cheaper than in the Greater Toronto and the Greater Vancouver areas.

A city of gourmet delights

In what other city can you enjoy lunch on a sun-filled terrace, relax the afternoon away in an upscale bar, tantalize your taste buds at a bring-your-own-wine establishment, and finish your day with a fresh-from-the-oven bagel or a generous helping of poutine? And you have to try one of Montréal’s famous smoked meat sandwiches—available day and night!

A city of festivals

In summer and winter alike, Montréalers know how to throw a party. Montréal is known around the world for its amazing festivals (second out of the top ten festive cities according to Reader's Digest), and over 130 major events are held throughout the year. The secret to this festive success? Montréalers’ unquenchable thirst for fun!

One of North America’s safest cities

Greater Montréal is a safe place where you’ll have no trouble getting around. Day and night, local neighbourhoods are filled with music lovers, gourmet groupies, sports fans and movie buffs. Montréal’s crime rate, which is already very low for a major city, has been steadily decreasing since 1990. In fact, according to Statistics Canada and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Montréal’s homicide rate is the lowest in North America.

A city of expansive green

Montréal is filled with parks and green space. In fact, its 17 major urban parks take up 6% of the city’s territory, for a total area of nearly 20 square kilometers.

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