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PhD in Neurological Sciences

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Philosophiae Doctor (Ph. D.)


90 credits

Program Type

Dissertation or thesis track


This program aims to help students gain in-depth knowledge and conduct an original research project in scientific study of the nervous system. The program gives students essential preparation for a career in research, teaching or practice in the following fields: cellular and molecular neurobiology, neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, neuroendocrinology and neuropsychology.


Studies in this program are governed by the educational regulations of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and the following provisions:

1. Admission requirements
To be admitted as a regular student in the PhD (Neurological Sciences) program, candidates must:

Program structure (3-530-1-0)

The doctorate program consists of 90 credits. Students may take the program without selecting an option (Segment 69) or choose the Neuropsychology option (Segment 70).

The doctorate program may also include other courses depending on students' needs.

Legend: CR: Credit, SC: Schedule, D: Day, E: Evening

Segment 69 Without option

84 mandatory credits, of which 78 are for research and a thesis, and 6 credits from elective courses.

Block 69A Optional - maximum of 6 credits

From the list of available NRL courses.

Block 69B Elective – maximum of 6 credits

Block 69C Mandatory – 84 credits

Course Title CR SC
NRL 7000 PhD Comprehensive Examination 0
NRL 7904 Thesis 84

Segment 70 Neuropsychology option

All credits in this option are mandatory.

Block 70A Mandatory - 12 credits

A course taken at the MSc level may be replaced by a course in the optional block or by any other course deemed relevant. NRL 6051 is a prerequisite for all PSY courses.

Course Title CR SC
LNG 6030 Language Pathology 3 D
NRL 6051 Systems Neuroscience 3
Course Title CR SC
PSY 6022 Methods in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology 3
PSY 6413 Neuropsychopathology I 3

Block 70B

All seminars or courses of programs included in the Memorandum of Agreement for Neuropsychology

Block 70C Mandatory - 78 credits

Course Title CR SC
NRL 7000 PhD Comprehensive Examination 0
NRL 7905 Thesis 78

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