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Philosophiae Doctor (Ph. D.)


90 credits

Program Type

Dissertation or thesis track


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This program provides students with a strong research training in a field of chemistry so that they can build upon their foundational knowledge and laboratory working skills and start working as research chemists as soon as they enter the job market. The wide range of career paths in this field requires students to have both solid foundational training and great flexibility. Students personalize their program based on their aspirations and chosen career.


The goal of this doctorate program is to train high-level scientific researchers. Students must carry out a project in a very specific area of chemistry and will develop their existing research skills. Students must also use their existing knowledge, gain new knowledge, and reflect a great deal on their chosen topic. Through their project, students will be able develop their creativity and show their originality.

Career prospects

The deparment offers solid research training in key sectors below, which hold a lot of job opportunities for chemists:

Chemists also work in highly varied fields in a number of industries:


Studies in this program are governed by the educational regulations of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and the following provisions:

1. Admission requirements
To be admitted as a regular student in the PhD (Chemistry) program, candidates must:

Program structure (3-060-1-0)

The doctorate program consists of 90 credits.

Legend: CR: Credit, SC: Schedule, D: Day, E: Evening

Segment 70

Number of credits: 87 mandatory credits, of which 84 are for research, a thesis, and a seminar. The 3 remaining credits are for one optional course.

Block 70A Mandatory - 3 credits

Course Title CR SC
CHM 6601 Section Seminars 3

Block 70B Optional - 3 credits

Chosen from the graduate courses offered by the department.

Block 70C Mandatory - 84 credits

Course Title CR SC
CHM 7000 PhD Comprehensive Examination 0
CHM 7010 Research 10
CHM 7030 Research 10
Course Title CR SC
CHM 7040 Research 10
CHM 7050 Research 10
CHM 7060 Research 10

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