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Master’s in Vision Science – Option: Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation (English)

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Maîtrise ès sciences (M. Sc.)


45 credits

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Without dissertation or thesis track

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We are pleased to announce a new option in the Master of Science program. This option, offered in English by the School of Optometry at the Université de Montréal, is called Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation.

This program produces professionals who provide rehabilitation services to people of all ages who are blind or who have low vision. There are three concentrations (or tracks) in the program, enabling one to specialize in Low Vision, Orientation & Mobility, or Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. The program is composed of three (3) segments: a 15-credit core segment, common to all 3 concentrations, a 23-credit specialty-area segment, consisting of courses and internships, and a 7-credit research segment. It should be possible for a student to complete the program in 16 months although two full academic years are allowed, if necessary.

Certification through the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals

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A program affiliated with the School of Optometry, whose mission is articulated around three axes: teaching, research and outreach. The School achieves its mission by pursuing the objectives of relevance, quality and openness, and seeks to position the University of Montreal, in the Francophonie as well as internationally, among the leaders for training and research in the science of vision, eye health and rehabilitation in visual impairment.

Career prospects

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Studies are governed by the Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and by the following provisions: 

1.1 Eligibility requirements  To be eligible for admission as a regular student to the M.Sc. (vision sciences) the candidate must:

Option: Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation 

Program structure (2-656-1-2)

The Masters is composed of 45 credits.  It is offered under the option of Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation option (Segment 72)

Legend: CR: Credit, SC: Schedule, D: Day, E: Evening

Segment 72 Relating to the Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation option

The credits in this option are distributed as follows : 22 compulsory credits, of which 5 are attributed to the completion of a directed research project, and 23 optional credits.

Block 72A Compulsory – 15 credits

Course Title CR SC
IDV 6017 Psychosocial Aspects of Visual Impairment 3 E
IDV 6020 Functional Aspects of Visual Pathology 3 D
IDV 6024 Rehabilitation Services in Visual Impairment 3 D
Course Title CR SC
IDV 6025 Visual Impairment & Related Disabilities 3
IDV 6038 Visual Impairment Across the Lifespan 3 E

Block 72B1 Concentration Orientation & Mobility Optional – 23 credits

Course Title CR SC
IDV 6003 Fundamentals of Orientation & Mobility 3
IDV 6004 Intervention Strategies in Orientation & Mobility 3 D
IDV 6007A Internship in Orientation & Mobility 1 2
IDV 6007B Internship in Orientation & Mobility 2 6
Course Title CR SC
IDV 6016 Low Vision & Mobility 3 D
IDV 6031 Assessment in Orientation & Mobility 3
IDV 6032 Simulation & Techniques in Orientation & Mobility 3

Block 72B2 Concentration Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Optional – 23 credits

Course Title CR SC
IDV 6015A Internship in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy 1 2
IDV 6015B Internship in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy 2 6
IDV 6026 Assessment in Vision Rehabilitation 3
IDV 6027 Braille and Visual Impairment 3
Course Title CR SC
IDV 6028 Computer-based Assistive Technology I 3
IDV 6029 Computer-based Assistive Technology II 3
IDV 6030 Living with Visual Impairment 3

Block 72B3 Concentration Low Vision Optional – 23 credits

Course Title CR SC
IDV 6030 Living with Visual Impairment 3
IDV 6033 Assessment in Low Vision 3
IDV 6034 Low Vision Intervention I – Enhancing Visual Function 3
IDV 6035 Low Vision Intervention II – Optical Devices 3
Course Title CR SC
IDV 6036 Low Vision Intervention III – High-Tech Devices 3
IDV 6037A Low Vision Internship I 2
IDV 6037B Low Vision Internship 2 6

Block 72C Compulsory - 1 credit

Course Title CR SC
SCV 60011 Research Seminar 1 0
SCV 60012 Research Seminar 2 1

Block 72D Optional - 1 credit

Course Title CR SC
BIE 6046 Introduction : Ethics in Research 1
MMD 6005 Ethics and Health Research 1

Block 72E Directed Research Project Compulsory - 5 credits

Course Title CR SC
SCV 68001 Directed Research Project 1 0
SCV 68002 Directed Research Project 2 0
SCV 68003 Directed Research Project 3 5

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