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DESS in Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise

Faculty of Medicine

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Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées


30 credits

Program Type

Without dissertation or thesis track

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Program information


The goal of the program is to train health professionals so they can improve their knowledge and skills in the medicolegal field.




Career prospects

This program allows students to fill the position of consultant for businesses or insurance companies.


Studies in this program are governed by the educational regulations of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the following provisions:

1. Admission requirements

To be admitted as a regular student in the DESS (Insurance Medicine and Medicolegal Expertise), candidates must:

2. Program length

The minimum duration of the program is two full-time sessions. The maximum duration is three years.

Program structure (2-452-1-1)

The DESS (Specialized Graduate Diploma) is a 30-credit post-graduate diploma: 24 mandatory and 6 optional credits. It adds a third year to your training (it can be completed in 6 sessions plus an extra 12 months for the written publication, and results in the issue of a diploma).

Legend: CR: Credit, SC: Schedule, D: Day, E: Evening

Segment 70

Block 70A Mandatory – 24 credits

Course Title CR SC
MMD 6220 Insurance Expertise Medicine 3
MMD 6221 Legal Aspects 3
MMD 6226 Advanced Expertise Medicine, Part 3 3
Course Title CR SC
MMD 6227 Advanced Expertise Medicine, Part 4 2
MMD 6228 Expertise or Insurance Medicine: The Written Publication 13

Block 70B Optional – 6 credits

Students must choose one of the following two options: Insurance Medicine – Option 1 (MMD 6222 and MMD 6223) or Advanced Expertise Medicine, Part 1 and 2 (MMD 6224 and MMD 6225)

Course Title CR SC
MMD 6222 Insurance Medicine 3
MMD 6223 Underwriting and Claims Analysis 3
Course Title CR SC
MMD 6224 Advanced Expertise Medicine, Part 1 3
MMD 6225 Advanced Expertise Medicine, Part 2 3

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