First-Rate Campus and Services

A city-within-a-city, UdeM's main campus offers world-class facilities, faculty, and services for international students. In the Integrated Path program, students have their own counselors to help adjust to student life. As you pursue your education here, there is always someone to help you get by. You will find everything you need on campus, but when you want to explore Montreal, the school is optimally located in the heart of the city and close to public transportations.


UdeM offers world-class education in all fields of study. Here, you have everything you need for an enriching international experience that will open you to new horizons. UdeM consistently earns high rankings in the serious international publications. UdeM is:

  • In the top 1% of the worldwide university ranking
  • 37th university for employability worldwide
  • The second largest university in Canada, with 400,000 graduates around the world!

Affordable Education

You may already know that in Canada, tuition fees are much lower than in many other countries. That's because all Canadians share the cost of education in order to make it accessible to more students. Indeed, education is regarded as a social necessity and not a business. This means you have access to the highest caliber of education at a very reasonable price.

  • For example, tuition fees can be approximately 17,500 Canadian dollars per year 
  • Housing and the cost of living are also very affordable in Montreal compared to other North American cities

A Dynamic Student Campus in an Ideal Location

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Université de Montréal’s main campus comprises over 65 hectares of greenery.

In this dynamic environment, you’ll find all the services you’re looking for:

  • one of the largest sport centres in Canada (CEPSUM)
  • an Office of Student Services that works year-round to make your experience at the Université de Montréal as enriching and enjoyable as possible
  • a wide variety of student organisations
  • university residences with a student-friendly atmosphere

Montréal Top 5 best student cities 2018

Just a short trip away from East-Coast USA, Montreal is the hub of North America’s Francophone culture. When you come to visit this truly bilingual city, you will be instantly enchanted and want to immerse yourself in its vibrant communities. You’ll quickly feel at home here. Not only because you are close to home, but also because you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who share the same dreams as you.

Montreal is renowned for its welcoming, open and creative culture with an irresistible European charm, and was ranked in 2018 as the top student city in the world for its university experience and the fact that it encourages students to stay after graduation.

UdeM as seen by international students

Ryan and Cameron are Americans from Michigan and North Carolina. They chose Université de Montréal and are now thriving in the vibrant culture of the city. They improved their French skills so much that they are now perfectly fluent! Ryan studies Comparative Literature and Cameron studies Urban and Environmental Studies.