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Studying in a French-language university open to English-speaking students

Although Université de Montréal is a French-language university, many of our research departments are open to creating a bilingual environment for students in graduate-level programs. These departments are aware of the importance of bilingualism in order for graduate students to succeed in their research careers.

Students who are proficient in English are therefore welcome and accepted in the following graduate-level programs.

Programs of Study Thesis Period


Doctorate 90 credits 3-465-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Biomedical Engineering

Doctorate 90 credits 3-535-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Business Law in a Global Context

Master's Degree 45 credits 2-327-1-3
Daytime Schedule Evening Schedule


Doctorate 90 credits 3-060-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Computer Science

Doctorate 90 credits 3-175-1-0
Daytime Schedule


Doctorate 90 credits 3-155-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Laws in Comparative Common Law (LL.M.)

Master's Degree 45 credits 2-328-1-2
Daytime Schedule

Microbiology and Immunology

Doctorate 90 credits 3-500-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Molecular Biology

Doctorate 90 credits 3-466-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Doctorate 90 credits 3-525-1-1
Daytime Schedule

Optometry - Vision Sciences (english)

Master's Degree 45 credits 2-656-1-2
Daytime Schedule


Doctorate 90 credits 3-520-1-0
Daytime Schedule

Virology and Immunology

Doctorate 90 credits 3-503-1-1
Daytime Schedule