Of the 125 cities considered in minute detail by QS Best Student Cities, Montreal was chosen as the best student city in the world, taking the title from Paris who has occupied first place for the last few years. This good news has circulated around the world and is making more than a few people dream…

Every year, the QS Best releases a list of the “100 best cities in which to study” based on a number of predetermined criteria including the equipment available to students, attractiveness, employment rates, and the cost of living in each of these cities.

This year, for the first time ever, a fifth criteria appeared and made all the difference: the QS Best asked students around the world to fill out a survey with this question: “What city most attracts you?” A surprisingly consequential question since it allowed Montreal to climb six spots in one year. The truth comes from the mouths of students…

“With an advantageous mix of culture, creativity, openness, and diversity, our city is featured, with good reason, at the top of the list of best student cities of the world,” said Guy Breton, UdeM rector and president of U15, the Group of Canadian Research Universities.

According to QS Best, it’s the multiculturalism, the bilingualism and the intensity of its cultural life that allowed Montreal to take the top spot. Not to mention its reputation as technological hub in which UdeM stands out: artificial intelligence, immunology, digital technologies and design.

In general, Montreal is a favourite place for international students because of its gastronomy, annual cultural activities, low cost of living, safety, multiculturalism, job opportunities, etc.

For many, such as her, Montreal has it all…


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Daisy is a journalist and project manager with Admissions and Recruitment Services (SAR). Lover of words and of people’s lives, her head is always full of ideas! Full disclosure: she worships Catulle Mendès, the author that inspired her to study androgyny in 19th century decadence literature. Which is also why she is pursuing research in literature at UdeM…

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